Aman Receives Top Score from Committee for a Better Atlanta

I am thankful and proud to share some exciting news with you about our campaign. 

Yesterday, I received the top score by the Committee for a Better Atlanta, a group made up of the city’s leading education, business, and civic leaders. 

Mayoral candidates’ scores are based on written questionnaires and in-person interviews, covering topics including: public safety, financial competence, ethics/transparency, transportation, affordable housing, and arts, among others. The process is designed to show who can truly take their ideas from rhetoric to reality. 

Incidentally, the person who the last polls indicated we’re tied with for second place scored the lowest. And the person those same polls indicate is leading in this race did not even bother to participate at all.

From affordable housing to public safety to citywide rezoning of neighborhoods, this election marks a critical point in making Atlanta a more livable city. We have too much at stake on our horizon to risk these opportunities with a candidate who cannot execute a vision and manage City Hall.

You deserve a mayor who has the will and the skill to lead Atlanta in the right direction. When I’m mayor, I will burn the midnight oil to make sure City Hall works for you.

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