Peter Aman Releases New TV Ad


Businessman and Atlanta mayoral candidate Peter Aman has released “Tonta’s Story,” a new TV advertisement that provides a first-hand account of Aman’s ethical leadership.

As Atlanta’s Chief Operating Officer in 2010 and 2011, Aman earned a reputation as a no-nonsense leader on ethics and integrity at City Hall.

“Without trust – in government or in business – nothing else matters. I have a demonstrated track record of holding people to the highest ethical standards,” said Aman.

Then-Watershed Department employee Tonta Draper blew the whistle on people with fake college degrees being hired and promoted. He also found people violating the procurement code by breaking up contracts into smaller amounts to avoid going through the competitive bidding process.

“They acted like since it’s taxpayer money, you can just do what you want to do. They were bigwigs,” Draper said in the commercial. “People were telling me you can’t fight that machine.”

He took his concerns to others in City Hall, including members of the Atlanta City Council, but was ignored. Ultimately, Draper lost his job.

He then went to Aman who had the issues investigated immediately. Aman fired those who violated the public’s trust and broke the law, including the head of the Watershed Department.

“Leadership means doing the right thing even it is hard or unpopular,” said Aman. “That’s the kind of mayor I will be.”

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