It's time to advance Atlanta, together.

Peter on Community

While some areas of the city have prospered over the years, we still have too many where jobs are scarce, where many houses and businesses are abandoned and derelict, where food and other services are difficult to find, where poverty is too concentrated and where crime remains a serious problem.

The city must specifically target these neighborhoods for job creation, removal of blight, building of durable, affordable housing, investment in commercial development, public infrastructure improvements and more access to public transportation. We are stronger together when every neighborhood thrives.

Among other actions, I believe we must:

  • Expand efforts to bring jobs and job training to underserved neighborhoods throughout the City.
  • Reexamine city policies on zoning, housing and development. The city needs to be a partner, not an obstacle, to those who seek to invest in our neighborhoods. We must also work with developers so they act responsibly and in a manner consistent with the character of the neighborhood and the goals of the city overall (e.g., fairness, congestion mitigation, etc.).
  • Continue to expand the amount and improve the maintenance of greenspace such as the Atlanta BeltLine and possible Chattahoochee River Park and other park and recreation areas.
  • Fix the city’s streets and sidewalks. Even with a $250 million infrastructure bond project, Atlanta still has a $750 million backlog. As a city, we must commit to making these upgrades a priority.
  • Drive collaboration between various city and non-city agencies, the private sector, and philanthropic foundations to support revitalization while working with and keeping current residents in place.
  • Add and expand programs which incent and support affordable and entry-level housing.
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