We must get ethics right, period.

Peter on Ethics

You deserve an ethical, transparent, and responsive City Hall, one that you can brag to your friends and family about. The headlines about possible bribery these past few months have been appalling. We must get ethics right, period.

Among other things, I will take action on:



The first priority in any organization is ensuring everyone participates in an ethical culture. It must start from the top, with a credible, ethical and honest leader. Atlanta’s voters must focus on selecting the candidate with the best record and most passionate support of ethics.

  • Ethics Training: I promise to personally train all 8,000 of the city’s employees on updated ethics procedures in my first year in office.
  • Guilty Bystanders: I expect employees to let me or a manager know if something out of line is going on. Those that see it and don’t report it will be held accountable.
  • Reporting: We will expand the ways city employees can report possible issues to include smartphones, an “open door” policy in the mayor’s office and random third-party surveys.



If you’ve been getting contracts because you do the best job, you’ll have the opportunity to keep winning them. If you’ve been getting contracts just because you know someone at City Hall, that will not give you an advantage any more. New bidders will get a truly fair shot, including small, minority-owned, and disadvantaged businesses, who will be supported by the continuation and improvement of Atlanta ‘s EBO and DBE policies and programs.

  • Lottery System: When the city reviews multiple bids and decides there is a tie, a lottery will decide the winner, when possible. This way, things are fair.
  • Joint Task Force: I plan to partner with the counties and other city agencies to form a coalition to simplify and streamline regulations and do joint purchasing where possible. This way, regulations are easier to understand and less of an overwhelming expense for small businesses and the pool of buyers and sellers with common contracts will be larger.
  • Proactive Alerts: New RFPs of whatever sort, including property, will be readily available to any who sign up for alerts. You should not have to be an expert at reviewing lists of RFPs to get an opportunity to bid.



Sunshine makes it harder for people to work in the shadows. You deserve to know what the city is doing with your taxpayer dollars.

  • Timely Audits: All emergency procurements will face stringent audits. Costs may be higher in these situations and safety is the first concern, but that doesn’t mean we can’t monitor them closely and hold people accountable.
  • Pay/See policy: If the City pays someone you will be able to see it–all payments made by the city will be posted online and searchable, and analytic tools will be developed that anyone can use to help spot problems.
  • On the Record: As mayor, I will expand the amount of other information, such as contracts, City Hall makes open to the public. And, I’ll make  it easier to search items online.  We will also explore recording and making available audio recordings of bid-related meetings between vendors and city officials, as is done in other cities.
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