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Peter on Jobs & Economy

A city that works well must have the following:  Residents who have access to a good job; large companies and/or corporate headquarters that invest in the community; start-ups and entrepreneurs who innovate and grow businesses; and opportunities for all of the members of the city’s workforce to build productive careers in a range of professions and industries, among many other things.

As a board member of the Westside Future Fund that focuses on revitalizing historic English Avenue and Vine City, I saw how important it is to bring both economic andcommunity development to all of our neighborhoods by working closely with the residents in each community. A community that attracts new investment is a community with better jobs and better health and education outcomes for its residents; but this can’t come at the expense of pushing current residents out of their neighborhood.

Our city must do more to enable economic mobility from the lowest income tiers upwards and work to reduce income inequality.

Among other actions, I believe we must:

  • Continue partnering with state and federal leaders to attract and recruit jobs into the city.
  • Expand and reinforce job training and recruitment programs throughout the city in partnership with the private sector.
  • Work to ensure Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport remains the world’s busiest airport and the economic engine of the region and continue and enhance the city’s history of including and building minority and women-owned firms.
  • Work with job creators so our city and region fosters commerce and attracts talent.
  • Make Atlanta an attractive place for venture capital and a start-up ecosystem. Use the city’s economic development authority, Invest Atlanta, to attract direct domestic and foreign investment.
  • Address the growing income disparity in our city and homelessness. As founding chair of Partners for Home, I have seen the impact of homelessness — on those without shelter and on the community. Our concentrated poverty levels are a concern, and underscore why economic opportunity and job creation must be a priority for the next mayor of Atlanta.
  • Make certain that as investments in neighborhoods are made they don’t force out current residents.
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