Nothing is more important than our children.

Peter on Learning

The future of Atlanta as the capital city of the South depends on an educated population and as such, a public school system where every student has the educational opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

The City of Atlanta does not operate Atlanta Public Schools, however we have shared interests.  Nothing is more important than our children, and right now, we must work to improve our standing on a variety of measures.

Among other actions, I believe we must:

  • Create the first-ever comprehensive City of Atlanta education plan in partnership with APS, local colleges and technical schools, job-training programs, and other organizations to outline the path forward for young people of all types in Atlanta and identify the gaps in funding and resources that exist.
  • Partner with APS and community stakeholders to provide more broadband access, mentors, tutoring and access to libraries and information for our children.
  • Use city assets such as the Centers of Hope and our state and federal partnerships to drive the activity and coordination of non-profits for STEAM, educational and healthcare programming.
  • Lead the creation and implementation and serve as a strong advocate for early childhood education (birth to age five). Every first grade child should enter school with a strong vocabulary and be well on the path to literacy — if not actually already reading.
  • Create robust public-private efforts, in partnership with APS and local community colleges and technical schools, on job training for those students who chose not to go on to college or who do not stay in college.
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