Regardless of the statistics, how you feel in your neighborhood at night matters most.

Peter on Safety

Atlanta cannot thrive if its citizens do not feel safe. The city has made improvements in fighting crime, but regardless of the statistics, how you feel in your neighborhood at night matters most.

Many areas of the city are still not safe enough and there continues to be a pervasive fear of crimes such as home invasions and burglaries in our neighborhoods. There is more we can do to prevent crime and get those who repeatedly break the law off the streets and treatment where appropriate.

Among other actions, I believe we must:

  • Ensure Atlanta’s police department is fully staffed, with a focus on training, retention and predictable, competitive pay for our men and women in blue.
  • Continue investing in new technologies (video cameras, license plate readers, predictive policing analytics, application of analytics to investigations, etc.).
  • Hire and train committed officers, investigators and leaders and ensure the entire APD management and support organization is as effective as possible.
  • Implement even greater use of community-oriented policing and community relations so that every officer goes out of his or her way to authentically bond with the community every day.
  • Work with law enforcement agencies and the judicial branch to prevent repeat offenders from becoming career criminals.
  • Develop and implement proven and effective treatment, rehabilitation and reentry programs.
  • Develop and support programs to help youth before and after their first interaction with law enforcement.
  • Support our neighborhoods’ efforts to feel safer through partnerships with APD and even more effective removal of vacant and abandoned houses.
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