I will bring a culture of customer service to City Hall.

Peter on Service

Atlanta must be a city that works on behalf of its residents.  My vision is that residents begin to brag to family and friends in other cities about how great Atlanta’s customer service and efficiency are across all department; from water billing to the issuance of building permits.

Government can’t get in the way of business or be a burden or nuisance to our residents. Delivering excellent customer service must be priority number one for our city’s more than  7,000 employees. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies and CEOs for two decades and I know they never stop pushing or accept “good enough.”

The City has made great strides in improving operating efficiency and effectiveness across many departments. Still, opportunities exist to improve fleet services, procurement, information technology, and others..

Among other actions, I believe we must:

  • Maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do as a city government.
  • Continue to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the city operations through the greater use of technology, process redesign and private sector partnerships.
  • Improve customer service as we increase efficiency and effectiveness through initiatives such as a “one stop shop” for permitting, enhanced customer service training for employees, and improved measurement and benchmarking of operations in other cities and organizations.
  • Improve the sense of urgency, speed and responsiveness of city services through multiple initiatives from training to greater use of GPS data on worker’s accomplishments to weekly use of customer feedback.
  • Seek non-tax revenue generating opportunities for the city while avoiding a property tax increase.
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