Let's get Atlanta moving.

Peter on Mobility

We must have a city where people can move — People can’t get to their jobs and companies won’t relocate here if we don’t address gridlock.  Traffic and a lack of transit options is a significant problem for Atlanta and we must put our full efforts behind both short and long-term solutions.

Among other actions, I believe we must:

  • Work in strong partnership with the state and other cities and counties to develop and implement regional transportation solutions, funding and execution.
  • Strongly support the development of transit along the Atlanta BeltLine and MARTA’s efforts to expand.
  • Add more bus routes, expand the bike share program, more bike lanes and improve pedestrian pathways.
  • Tackle the top 50 worst intersections and street sections and prioritize de-bottlenecking projects. We must also find short-term fixes now for the causes of traffic jams (e.g., add traffic officers at rush hour, better management of office-building outflow, etc.)
  • Use technology to unclog the bottlenecks that build every day in major roads and intersections (e.g., more traffic light synchronization, promotion of use of phones by citizens to find quickest routes, city-wide traffic optimization, etc.)
  • Improve the clearing response to accidents and other impediments (e.g., delivery truck stops, temporary commercial construction, etc.) to rush hour traffic in partnership with the state and other local jurisdictions.
  • Examine parking availability and utilization to determine future innovations in parking management.
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