Women for Peter Aman

Peter Aman has a longstanding track record of supporting women and working mothers. He worked, for free, with the city's first female mayor to close a 20 percent budget gap and restore trust in city government.

In the private sector, Peter supported the hiring and advancement of dozens of women from manager up to partner.

As the city's Chief Operating Officer, nearly half of Peter's direct reports were women and his successor was also a woman. At City Hall, he also ensured women-owned businesses received the work they bid on and won

His commitment to his wife, his family, and to women and working mothers is clear. He and his wife Lisa actively support organizations that support women and children's health, including homeless families.

Peter is the right person, right now to be mayor of Atlanta.

Women of Influence

As a child, Peter looked up to the women in his family, like his grandmother who supported her local library, served on the local hospital board and helped save the Massachusetts Wetlands and his aunt Edie who, after retiring as a journalist, was elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives. His mother sparked in Peter a passion for public service. Her leadership on education matters and her dedication to community service continues to influence and inspire Peter today.

  • raised by women who played leading roles in community
  • mother served on library board and held elected office on the school board
  • family has always encouraged and supported women in civic and business leadership roles

Track Record of Supporting Women

From moving to Atlanta to support his wife's career to serving as a mentor to women in the workplace, Peter has a track record of supporting women who work.

  • advises and mentors women through promotions, in the private and public sectors
  • consistently hires women and working mother for senior positions routinely assembles teams with at least 50 percent women

What Peter Will Do As Mayor

Peter's commitment to women and working mothers will be on full display in the mayor's office.

  • ensure equal pay for equal work for women across City Hall departments
  • enhance and support women-owned businesses opportunities across public and private sectors
  • secure funding for high-quality birth to three education and provide support for mothers returning to school
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