Thank you, Atlanta!

On behalf of Lisa and I, thank you so much for what has been an extraordinary campaign. I entered this race as a political newcomer, not fully knowing what to expect. It has been an absolute privilege to be a mayoral candidate. Thank you to everyone who welcomed me into their communities and their homes to talk about the future of our great city. Thank you to everyone I was able to speak with personally, who shared their ideas and concerns. Atlanta is an extraordinary place, and I’ve gotten the chance to see and be a part of all of it. I cannot thank you enough for that.

We certainly hoped for a different outcome, but I am so proud of what we were able to accomplish. We have elevated the citywide conversation on a number of issues. We need a stronger police force, but we must also acknowledge that we cannot just police our way out of crime. We must get at it from the roots. Every child in this city deserves the opportunity to participate in high-quality early learning programs. Everyone in this city deserves a mayor committed to making APS stronger. Through supportive housing and re-entry programs, we can make homelessness rare and brief. With more bus service, expanded rail, more quality bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and a smarter street grid, we can improve mobility in Atlanta. And framing it all, we have to be more candid and honest about race and equity. We have to talk about it in a healthy, honest way so we may, through action, become a beloved community.

As I said on the campaign trail, Atlanta is at a crossroads. Our next mayor will shape the Atlanta of the future. I urge everyone to get – and remain – involved in the runoff. After the election, stay involved. Now is not the hour for apathy or disillusion. Atlanta needs your voice at the table.

I believe in Atlanta.

Thank you,

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